Commitment & Character……And The Boston Marathon

Apr 22, 2015 | Beyond Portraits, Events & Giving


Now in again in life we are presented with opportunities that speak right to the heart of our character.  A moment, a situation, a need…..And when it arises, we are called to action.


 We can give as little or as much as we desire…….
But through the sweat and the tears that we put forth, real change starts to take place…..We keep giving everything we’ve got…..and the change continues……



The change may be evident and tangible, or it may small……a tiny piece of our heart that was touched and inspired…..


Nothing is too small or insignificant.

We become our commitment and our commitment becomes us…..

The impact is real……and we feel it.


Running 26.2 miles through arguably the most storied course in the word was the dream realized……the effort, the support, the love, the feeling…….


But having sat beside my husband these past 4 months, I know that the real marathon was everything leading up to that moment…….


It was all that he gave…..all that he did……all those he inspired.
…..and he inspires me…..


Every day.


(photo credit on this last one goes to my amazing cousin Maddy Harlow)

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  1. Jennifer Lichtenberg

    This is so inspirational! I am so proud to call each of you my family. Love, love, love you! Jen Lichtenberg


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