That Early Fall Beach | Massachusetts Family Photographer

Apr 16, 2021 | Family Photography

There’s Something Special About Those Early Fall Beach Colors For A Family Photography Shoot…..

Everyone loves the beach in the summer, but I am especially partial to the way the light changes in the early fall.  Up in Maine the ocean takes on a very deep tone from the lower angle of the sun, and the colors and light are just stunning.  This family photography shoot was all photographed from late golden hour to blue hour – all after the sun had dipped below the horizon.  And the light is luminous and the colors rich.  And as an added bonus, the days are shorter so mom and dad don’t have to keep the kids up so late to get the best light for family photos!   So, ya, I love that hot summer beach, but there’s something so rich and dreamy about the September beach, and I love it when my clients choose this location for their family photo shoot!



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