Jen has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to help you focus on building your business from the bottom up!...This is the best investment you can make for YOU and your business. Indira

Business From The Ground Up

Your guide to a successful, sustainable and satisfying business.

Are you at the early stages of turning your love of photography into your dream job?  Feeling uncertain of how to move forward?  Do the legalities and taxes that come with running your own business make you nervous?  Not sure where to begin with pricing?

Join me for this self-paced workshop with one-on-one coaching designed to meet your specific business needs!


In addition to running my own photography business, I am also a CPA with an extensive business background, and I have pulled my photography and business experience together to bring you a comprehensive workshop that will guide you to a successful, sustainable and satisfying business.


Course Summary

Learn how to start a business via a step-by-step approach covering goal setting, legalities, sustainable pricing, bookkeeping, taxes, workflow, marketing and more.

The unique format of this course includes two weeks of learning and coaching via daily assignments and prompts (although you can take as much time as you need!) .  After the two weeks (or whenever you are ready) we will have a 90 minute Skype call to talk through where you are at and line up a game plan for executing your business goals.  It typically takes participants about a month to fully get through all of the assignments.

Week 1

Taking The First Steps
Create your mission statement, set appropriate goals and define your ideal client. A deep look at the difference between being in business and being a hobbyist. Overview of the 20 step guide to starting your business. Understand all necessary steps to getting your business set up including legal structure, registering your business with federal and local authorities, insurance, contracts, client communication, bookkeeping and workflow.

Week 2

Setting The Stage For Sustainability
Determine what products you will sell. Pricing for sustainability via an in-depth analysis. Determine your how you will sell, discuss the importance of branding, and create your marketing plan. Overview of Search Engine Optimization. Detailed explanation sales taxes and relevant federal taxes.  90 minute Skype/FaceTime call to discuss everything covered to that point with the workshop.

The cost is $295 and includes:

150 page e-book

5 step pricing working worksheet

feedback on all assignments

one 90 minute 1:1 Skype call

open email communication for one month following call

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What People Are Saying About “Business From The Ground Up”……..


“Over the last year I have gone back and forth over whether or not to turn photography into a business. State and federal websites have done nothing but overwhelm me and so my business venture has sat pending…… Jen has created a beautiful PDF with step by step instructions for getting serious with your hobby. Really, no matter where you are in this process she has something to offer you. Jen’s Business Mentoring also comes with a two hour Skype call/Q&A. Everything was so thorough and clear that I now feel confident that I can start my business without making myself or Uncle Sam unhappy…..You will not regret taking this step!”- Lynzi,  Lynzi Berg Photography


“Running a legitimate business. This topic comes up a ton. Because it’s scary…..I hired Jen Bilodeau Photography to mentor me… She is a certified CPA and she is a photographer so she is well versed in all of the ins and outs of the types of incomes that they generate. I received a PDF that actually answered most of my questions up front and then I also had a lengthy Skype session. Seriously awesome decision. Boy scout honor. Worth it. No time lost on google and no crossing fingers I found good information. She answered every one of my questions and not only took the pain and frustration out of it, but some of the intimidation as well! Just some of the many questions she answered were: What are the differences between a hobbyist and a business? I’ve moved to a new state, what do I need to do to be legal? Do I need a DBA and a business license? What are the benefits to being a Sole Proprietor vs LLC? How will selling products differ from selling sessions? I’m new to Sales Tax, Alaska doesn’t have it, can you walk me through it? What are the differences and benefits of doing business under my social vs a EIN? What are the best ways to track all of my income and expenses for each endeavor?” – Courtney, Rusty Lens Photographyn


“If I had it to do all over… I would have met Jen Bilodeau four years ago and saved myself doing everything backward! Better late than never though! This is such an important investment, and Jen made it fun and easy to understand! Highly recommend!”- Summer, Summer Cates Photography

“Having a photography business is not all rainbows and sunshine. Reality sets in very quickly when you are paying taxes, ordering supplies and equipment, recording mileage and expenses for write-offs, shopping insurance…the list goes on and on. None of this ‘stuff’ came easily to me. UNTIL I mentored with the amazing Jen Bilodeau Photography. She covered everything and more that I need to know to make my business successful, profitable and effective. You know what I thought of when I was reading her manual (yes, she wrote a manual to go with the mentoring!)? I thought, “Wow, I can’t believe this is all in ONE PLACE. I have wasted hours upon hours searching for all this information over the years, and here it is ALL RIGHT HERE.” The 2 hour phone call with her after reading the manual is just icing on the cake. I cannot recommend this mentorship enough. It. Was. AWESOME. If you have a business, run- don’t walk- over to Jen’s page. Thanks so much Jen!” – Erin, Erin Konrath Photography


“Running a business can be so rewarding, flexible and exciting. It can also be a bit overwhelming and daunting when trying to manage it properly and get all of your ducks in a row. I cannot say enough about Jen Bilodeau’s business mentoring. She has the most beneficial PDF that basically tells you EVERYTHING you need to know to organize and structure your business properly. Not only that but she spends time either on Skype or phone call to walk you through areas of concern. From pricing structure to insurance for your business, she really leaves no area uncovered. HIGHLY recommend investing in business mentoring with her.” – Elise, Elise Meader Photography


“Don’t walk…RUN and sign up for Jen Bilodeau Photography Business Mentoring! Jen has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to help you focus on building your business from the bottom up! You might have all the right technical skills and experience to be a great photographer, but you need the knowledge to make your business equally as successful. I appreciated the confidential sounding board and support I needed to formulate my business plan so that in moving forward my book keeping will be much more solid for years to come. This is the best investment you can make for YOU and your business. Actually, I believe that this would have been beneficial for me to have taken when I was a hobbiest too! The materials were extremely through, covering everything step-by-step that one would need to know about successfully setting up and running a photography business. The best part was that Jen was willing to help with any questions and has continued to help. Her mentoring honestly left me feeling comfortable and confident about my business. So if you are on the line about this then you should just take it, you won’t regret it.” – Indira, Indira Klotzer Photographyn


“Many of us who are compelled to pick up our cameras to document our lives stand on line between hobbyist and professional, wondering if we could or should make the switch. Or maybe we just jump over that line head first. Either way, there is an overwhelming reality that the act of shooting that we love so much is actually a very small part of what it means to be in the photography business. There are the logistics of making your business legal, work flow, pricing to actual be profitable, and don’t forget taxes. Is you head spinning yet at the thought of how to navigate all that?? Mine sure was!…until I had a mentoring session with Jen Bilodeau Photography. Jen is a successful business women, photographer, and an active CPA. Whether you are thinking of making your photography a business, just getting started, or even already in business – this is for you! Jen shares everything you need to know about not only opening your business but making your business successful! Information that could take years of trial and error is laid out in an easy to follow road map to success (aka a 50 page PDF). In addition a 2 hour Skype Q&A and access to a private FB group lead by Jen for questions and support as you move forward. This is hands down one of the best things you could do for your business!” – Kelly, Kelly Jacobi Photography


“I’ve been toying with the idea of turning my photography passion into an official business, so when I heard of Jen Bilodeau’s Business Mentoring, I decided to give it a try. There’s so much to consider with insurance, taxes, contracts, etc. Knowing that Jen is not only a photographer but also a CPA sealed the deal for me. Business Mentoring begins with a 50 page pdf and continues with a two hour Skype session with Jen. She is knowledgable and shares all there is to know about starting a small business. I think the information is valuable for those already in business as well. If you are considering starting a small business, do not hesitate to contact Jen. I know she has already saved me countless hours! Thank you, Jen!” – Nadeen, Nadeen Flynn Photography