Jen has this amazing ability to capture the true spirit of each of my children. Her talent, her eye for perfection astounds me. She does not know my children...yet she captures them in a way its as though she has followed them since birth. Her work takes my breath away and brings me to happy tears. Katie

I am a wife, a mother, a thinker, and doer. I am an outdoor girl at heart and mountains, oceans, trails and parks all call to me regardless of the weather. I suppose that’s why I why I prefer shooting in natural light. I feel comfortable outside – studying the light, the shadows…. the beauty in things big and small.

I also love the light that spills into our homes, illuminating our rooms with light and shadows.  With both my clients and my personal work I relish an opportunity to capture something special within the walls we surround our family with.

Before taking my passionate hobby and turning it into my dream job, I worked for many years as a manager in accounting and corporate finance.  I’m still an active CPA and love working with other photographers to help them get their businesses off the ground, to help them set up sustainable pricing, answer bookkeeping or tax questions, or to discuss areas for workflow improvement.

I love to capture honest photos, especially in black and white – photos that tell a story, that transport you….

Through my lens I long to freeze the precious moments of today so that they can be aged and savored in our tomorrow.

These are your moments.  Let’s capture them together.

What is Lifestyle

I am primarily a “lifestyle” photographer.  Llifestyle photography is a documentary-style approach to sessions in which I strive to capture your family very naturally and organically.  We will do very little posing, but I will guide your children to ensure they are relaxed and having fun.  When children are free to express themselves naturally, the result is an honest and timeless collection of images that truly represents your family and all that is unique and wonderful about you.

Where we will Shoot

I love to photograph outdoors – parks, beaches, nature conservatories, city streets….But I am also happy to come to your home if you  would like to capture your family within your own personal environment.   To save your the trouble or worry about picking the right location, I have carefully selected locations with each of these “looks” that offer optimal late day light.   Just let me know what you have in mind and we will find the perfect place!   We will spend 1-2 hours together to ensure we capture wonderful, natural images of you and your family.


For families, couples and newborns I offer an $850 flat-rate package that includes 90 minutes of shooting time, premium quality print and art products, digital files and a video slideshow.  Upgrade options are also available.  Mini sessions are available only to clients who have booked a full session within the past year.  I also offer mini sessions as part of my Maternity & Newborn Package.  Birth photography, just born sessions and wedding packages also available.  Please see the Pricing Page for full details.

What to Wear

Clothing is very important to the session. Textures, colors and layers can really add beautiful depth and dimension to your images. Items that are great include sweaters, ruffles, scarves, lace, a jean jacket, a crocheted dress, and accessories such as bows, necklaces, funky shoes, and cute hats. It’s best for clothing to be free of distracting patterns, brand logos and graphics, although plaid and polka dots usually work well.  I also find it’s best if people do not wear stripes as they can be distracting to the image.  I like to capture my clients in a very natural and organic fashion so clothes that moves and flows, such as maxi skirts and dresses, is a beautiful choice for women and girls.  And remember: color is wonderful!  It’s usually best NOT to dress everyone in white or navy.  (In fact, it is important to avoid having too much navy.)  That being said, you probably don’t want a whole rainbow of colors, so a good rule of thumb is to try and keep everyone within the same three “accenting colors” (colors other than gray, black, white and beige).  With neutral colors (gray, black, white and beige) you can mix and match as much as you want.  Regardless of how warm it is, it is usually best if men and boys wear pants instead of shorts.  If you are ever unsure, it can be helpful to bring several outfits and extra accessories or layers to your session so that we can work together to create the look that is best for your session.

Color vs Black & White

As you can see from my portfolio, I adore the timeless quality of black & white photos.    I am not, however, exclusively a black and white photographer.  As I hand-edit each of your images, I will include mix of color and black and whites so that you may purchase the images that best fit you personal taste.

When you will get your Images

Within 2-3 days of our session I will provide you with a “sneak peek” from your session which will include 1-3 images. With your permission, I typically share this “sneak peek” through my Facebook page.

Within 2 weeks of our session I will provide you with a link to a private online gallery where you will be able to view all of your images (50+ images)  After viewing your images, we may select the images you would like to include in your print/image package.

You can expect to receive your final images/prints approximately 2 weeks from when you make your selections.

For Businesses

Let’s work together to authentically capture the essence of your business.  Through my artistic use of light and shadow, and my commitment to capturing authenic organic moments, we will create truly unique and captivating images for your marketing and promotional needs.  Most commercial work is done on location, however, studio work is also available.  Primarily natural light, with studio lighting as needed.  You can view my commercial packages here.

For Photographers

As an artist, a business owner and a CPA, I offer a unique combination skills that can truly help you take your work and your business to the next level.  From technical training to business coaching, I offer a wide range of mentoring and learning opportunities for photographers.  You can view my one-on-one mentoring options here, and my workshop schedule here.

Jen’s work has been published in several print magazines including:

Click Magazine (November/December 2017), North Shore Home Magazine (November 2017)Click Magazine (September/October 2017),  Click Magazine (May/June 2017)Click Magazine (January/February 2017), Mozi Magazine (April 2016)Lemonade & Lenses (September 2015) Mozi Magazine (August 2015)

Jen’s work has also received awards at:

National Geographic Your Shot, The Monochromatic Lens International Image Contest 2016, A Smith Gallery “Light” Exhibition, B&W Child Photo Competition 2016 2nd Half