“Jen’s approach is a good combination of combining your “why” with your technical knowledge and image processing to make more meaningful images.”


Photography Tools For Your Art & Your Business


Let Jen help you capture your most authentic and engaging images. Train your eyes to see the moment that matters in what is unfolding before you. Improve your technical competence to effectively and artistically capture the moment, and work through processing techniques that will help you fully express your vision. From location scouting, to client communications to on-scene client interaction you will gain confidence using these techniques to create truly powerful and timeless images across all of your work. Move beyond the expected and capture the feeling, the connection and the soul before you to artfully preserve the moment that matters.


The Photographer’s Calculator

This 5 step pricing tool is invaluable to business owners.  Work from the bottom up to create a sustainable pricing structure for your business.  No spreadsheets necessary!  The integrated formulas within this PDF will do all the work for you once you have input your target earnings and cost numbers.  The best part is that this tool can be used over and over.  Use it to set your pricing, and use it to plan your budget for each subsequent year!

Includes: The 5 Step Photography Pricing Calculator, Instructional video walkthrough, Supplementary Instructional PDF


B&W For Every Light Lightroom Preset Pack

A series of LR and ACR monochromatic presets designed to bring the light and tone of your image to its full potential.  Daylight, Window Light, Backlight and more.  This 10 pack of presets will be your go-to for monochromatic images.

Includes: 8 custom B&W presets for LR/ACR plus 5 of Jen’s go-to adjustment brushes

The Four Seasons Collection Preset Pack

With this preset pack for ACR and LR create bold and impactful color images.  These presents are designed to work with the natural tones of the seasons, creating an organic look that beautifully enhances the tone and color of your image.

Includes: 6 custom color presets for LR/ACR plus 4 of Jen’s go-to adjustment brushes


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