Jen truly applies her knowledge and passion to your art. Her attention to detail trained my eyes to see my work in a fresh way. Jen's advice, honed out of years of pushing her own shooting and editing skills, was priceless. Amy


With my unique combination of artistic and CPA skills, let me help you take your business & your art to the next level.

I am truly passionate about working with other photographers.  I want to help you further your craft.  I want to help answer your business questions.  I want to help set you on a path to growth.   Wether it is 1:1 mentoring you are looking for or group learning through one of my workshops, let me help you take your art or your business to where you long to go.

Jen is not only an amazing and talented photographer, but also is such a kind and approachable person. – Susannah

Business Mentoring

I get it.  Running a photography business is really hard and at times can feel a bit overwhelming.  Did you know that I am also an active CPA with an extensive business background?  Whether you have been at it a while or you are just getting going, let me be your guide.  We can discuss pricing, taxes, workflow or anything else that’s been on your mind.  We can start with the one hour Open Q&A option, or you can select from one of my two highly reviewed business workshops below! I have been mentoring fellow photographers through their business challenges for over five years and I look forward to working with you to help you bring your business to its full potential!

1 hr Video Chat | $125 

Let’s talk about all the business questions that have been on your mind.  Business start-up, pricing, marketing – you name it, and we’ll cover it!   Prior to our chat, I will send you a pre-mentoring questionnaire so that I can be as prepared as possible for our time together.

Optional Add On: 

Pricing Calculator | $75

Add my 5 step Pricing Calculator to your business discussion to help you establish long-term, sustainable pricing. This in-depth pricing calculator is truly one-of-a kind! No spreadsheets necessary! You will complete the calculator and the send it to me for review prior to our call so that I can provide you with detailed feedback on your business and pricing strategy.

Group Business Workshops 

Business From The Ground Up | 2 Week Workshop at Click Photo School | $150 full participation/ $75 silent participation

“Information that could take years of trial and error is laid out in an easy to follow road map to success. This is hands down one of the best things you can do for your business!” – Kelly

Learn how to start a business via a step-by-step approach covering goal setting, legalities, contracts, bookkeeping, website development, branding, taxes, workflow, marketing and more. Through the detailed weekly PDFs, daily discussion topics, exclusive interviews and weekly live chats, this class will cover everything you know to take those first steps. Launch your business, learn how you can set yourself apart in a crowded industry, and set the stage for long-term success. Click HERE for details and class dates!!

The Profitable Photographer: Your Guide To Sustainable Pricing | 2 Week Workshop at Click Photo School | $150 full participation/ $75 silent participation

“This incredible workshop is jam packed with knowledge and actionable insight. Jen’s background as an CPA, coupled with her inspiring photographic talent means nothing is left uncovered.”

Are you already in business but looking to rework your pricing?  I teach a 2 week pricing intensive workshop over at Clickin Moms designed to help you set your business up with sustainable pricing.  Through this calls you will take control of your pricing, set yourself up for long-term success, and establish the framework your business needs, so that you turn your energy towards doing what you love: creating.  Click HERE for details and class dates!!

Photography Mentoring

“The best thing about Jen is how open she is with sharing her knowledge. She also answers every question with importance, no matter how silly you may think it is and she has given me confidence to go out and do it.'” – Danielle 

Sometimes we all need a little push to help us move our art to the next level.  Whether you are relatively new to photography or have been at it a while, whether you are looking make ClickPro or you are looking to achieve a different goal, or maybe you just need a like-minded soul to talk shop with.  Regardless of what is on your mind, I can help you through it.  I’ll help you identify strengths and weaknesses, and together we will outline steps to help you move your art to the next level.

1 hr Video Chat | $125 

Includes pre-mentoring questionnaire so that I can be as prepared as possible for our time together. Choose any of the optional add-ons below to fully customize your session.

Optional Add Ons: 

Let’s Edit Together | $50

We will review your current editing style, talk through your editing goals, and then work together to hand edit 10 images together in Lightroom.  We will then save a custom preset for you to use going forward!

Portfolio Review | $100 (50 images) | $200 (complete ClickPro application)

I will review a gallery of wither 50 or 150 images (depending on the option you purchase) prior to our time together and will provide thorough and constructive written feedback for us to review during our time together.

Let’s Shoot Together | $375

I will organize and style a session for us to work together through (family or mother/child).  Session will be in or near my town 30 minutes north of Boston, MA.  Must be purchased in addition to at least one hour of 1:1 mentoring.  Total time together (between 1:1 chat and shoot) will be around 3 hours.  You can also add on time after the shoot  if you would like to sit down together and look through what we captured and edit together. You will have the rights to keep and use any images captured during our time together.

Additional Mentoring Time | $95/hr

Add additional time to your current session, or purchase additional time to be used over an extended period via a long-term mentorship.

Group Workshops 

What Lies Within: Creating Images With Depth & Emotion | 4 Week Workshop at Click Photo School | $300 full participation | $150 silent participation

Learn to go deeper with your work, and create with intention across the entire artistic process. Strengthen your planning and visualization technique, refine your shooting approach, and practice impactful processing. Transform your work into emotive and authentic art that truly captures the depth and feeling of each moment. With this four week creative workshop learn how to infuse your work with depth and emotion, capturing honest and timeless images that truly express the feeling within the moment before you.  With this class you will move beyond the expected, create with intention and transform your work into emotive and authentic art that truly speaks to the heart of the moment.  Click HERE for details and class dates!


Capture It: Photography Basics | $99

Tired of preserving your memories with just your iPhone?  Want to get more out of your DSLR?

Join me for this interactive in-person workshop, and learn the skills you need to beautifully capture your everyday moments.  Be ready to capture the holiday season in a way you never have before! Next run: TBA.  For full class syllabus click HERE.


Jen is the perfect balance of high energy positive support and constructive advice. – Kelley

Jen’s approach is a good combination of combining your “why” with your technical knowledge and image processing to make more meaningful images. – Benita

It’s hard to put yourself out there for the image critique I had purchased but it was worth every penny and I use that advice to this day and sometimes go back to review the feedback. – Stephanie

“Jen’s transparent, available, and an absolute joy to work with.” – Valerie

Jen dives in to help you and does not hold back! – Sarah

Jen is so passionate and dedicated- not only to her art, but to mentoring and teaching and uplifting her students. – Ally

Jenn is totally focused when she is working with you. She never lacks commplementing your work while making you better than you were when you sat down. She is passionate about her work which can only transcend to you. – Helen


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