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Sometimes we all need a little push to help us move our art to the next level.  Whether you are relatively new to photography or have been at it a while, whether you are looking make ClickPro or you are looking to achieve a different goal, or maybe you just need a like-minded soul to talk shop with.  Regardless of what is on your mind, I can help you through it.  I’ll help you identify strengths and weaknesses, and together we will outline steps to help you move your art to the next level.

One hour video chat

Includes pre-mentoring questionnaire so that I can be as prepared as possible for our time together. Choose any of the optional add-ons below to fully customize your session.


optional add-ons


We will review your current editing style, talk through your editing goals, and then work together to hand edit 10 images together in Lightroom.  We will then save a custom preset for you to use going forward!


*With purchase of 1 hour video call*


I will review a gallery of either 50 or 150 images (depending on the option you purchase) prior to our time together and will provide thorough and constructive written feedback for us to review during our time together.

$100/50 images

*With purchase of 1 hour video call*


I will organize and style a session for us to work together through (family or mother/child).  Session will be in or near my town 30 minutes north of Boston, MA.  Must be purchased in addition to at least one hour of 1:1 mentoring.  Total time together (between 1:1 chat and shoot) will be around 3 hours.  You can also add on time after the shoot if you would like to sit down together and look through what we captured and edit together. You will have the rights to keep and use any images captured during our time together.


*With purchase of 1 hour video call*

Additional Mentoring time | $95

Add additional time to your current session, or purchase additional time to be used over an extended period via a long-term mentorship.

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“Jen is not only an amazing and talented photographer, but also is such a kind and approachable person!”


E-Books & Group Learning

What Lies within:

Creating Images With Depth & Emotion


Learn to go deeper with your work, and create with intention across the entire artistic process. Strengthen your planning and visualization technique, refine your shooting approach, and practice impactful processing. Transform your work into emotive and authentic art that truly captures the depth and feeling of each moment. With this four week creative workshop learn how to infuse your work with depth and emotion, capturing honest and timeless images that truly express the feeling within the moment before you.  With this class you will move beyond the expected, create with intention and transform your work into emotive and authentic art that truly speaks to the heart of the moment.


Connection & Soul: Capturing The Moment That Matters


Let Jen help you capture your most authentic and engaging images. You will work through techniques to train your eyes to see the moment that matters in what is unfolding before you. You will improve your technical competence to effectively and artistically capture the moment, and you will work through processing techniques that will help you fully express your vision. From location scouting, to client communications to on-scene client interaction you will gain confidence using these techniques to create truly powerful and timeless images across all of your work. Move beyond the expected and capture the feeling, the connection and the soul before you to artfully preserve the moment that matters.


free resources to help you elevate your art




“The best thing about Jen is how open she is with sharing her knowledge. She also answers every question with importance, no matter how silly you may think it is and she has given me confidence to go out and do it.”



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