I want to capture the love your family shares, that pure and honest connection that binds you together. I want to capture not just what love looks like, but what it feels like.


These are your moments, let’s capture them together.



“Jen is a true artist with a zealous spirit to capture her subjects in the most amazing light and textured backgrounds. Her images are awe-inspiring. Jen knows how to work with children and brings a level of calmness to her sessions. The photographs she took of our family are priceless, timeless, powerful and poignant!”



As you hold your new baby in your arms your whole world shifts.  Your life, your love, your family take on new shape and meaning.  This love, this connection, this incredible feeling – I want to be there to capture it for you so that you can hold onto this fleeting time for always.  Together, in the comfort of your own home, and through my artistic use of light and shadow, we will create a beautiful collection of images.  I will work with you every step of the way, from outfit coordination to finding the perfect light within your home to ensure a result that beautifully captures your love and connection.  


Jen’s most popular session for newborns.


up to 90 minute session

3 8×10 fine art prints

2 5×7 prints 

20 digital images with print release with corresponding 4×6 prints

Access to specially priced upgrades

Includes access repeat client pricing for your next session!


Additional Session Offerings


Maternity sessions are only available mid-week at one of 4 pre-selected locations in North Andover MA.

Includes: 45 minute session, 20 digital images with print release

*Newborn clients may also book this session as a Maternity session to be bundled with a Newborn Connection Session.*

*Save $150 if you book a Maternity session in addition to a full Newborn Session. *



There is nothing quite to raw and emotional as the birth of your child.  Capture those precious early moments with a Just Born session.  Taken within 48 hours of your baby’s arrival we will capture the beauty that surrounds your baby as he or she is welcomed to the world.  Siblings and other family members are welcome!

Includes: 45 minute session in your hospital room, 20 digital images with print release

* Save $150 if you book a Just Born session in addition to a full Newborn Session*



Milestone sessions are available to clients who have booked a Newborn Connection Session session within the past year.  Milestone Sessions are only available mid-week at one of 4 pre-selected locations in North Andover MA.

Includes: 45 minute session, 20 digital images with print release



All Newborn Sessions get access to specially priced collection upgrades.

A la carte upgrade options also available upon request.

Sales tax of 6.25% will be added to all orders that include prints and products.
Prices are subject to change at any time and are locked at the time of booking.
Travel fee may apply for portrait sessions located more than 20 miles outside of North Andover MA.

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“Jen is meticulous and patient and truly has an exceptional range when it comes to her creativity. I am thrilled that she shares her gift with my family. She fully understands that kids don’t love to pose so she takes what they give her and turns it into something better than what you could’ve asked!”


Premium service every step of the way

After you book your session I will be back in touch with your Welcome & What To Wear Guide so that you can start planning your session!  At that time, we can also arrange to have a voice or video call to discuss your session.  And don’t worry – whether over email, text or video, we will talk through all the important details so that you are prepared and ready for an enjoyable photography experience.  The investment in telling your family’s story is one you will cherish for a lifetime.

These are your moments.  Let’s capture them together.


What Time Of Day Do Newborn Connection Sessions Typically Take Place?

 Newborn sessions are usually either at 10am or 2pm as this is when the light is best in your home.  Your session will take anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours depending on how many times we have to pause for feeding, changing, soothing.   We want to make sure your baby stays happy and comfortable so if a break is necessary, we will do just that. 

How Do I Prepare My Home?

When I arrive I will look for the areas of your home that have the best light.  I always like to use the baby’s nursery as well as the master bed, and from there we will just go where the light feels right!  Don’t worry about any messes or clutter!  I know bringing home a new baby means there will be new baby’s furniture, stacks of diapers, receiving blankets, unwashed laundry and dirty dishes in the sink.  Please don’t worry about any of it!  If something is in the way of a shot, I will simply move it!  So please don’t spend much time worrying about your home.   A nicely made master bed, and decluttered bedside tables will help us move through the shoot more quickly, but if you don’t get to it ahead of time, please don’t worry about it one bit!

Anything I can do to prepare my baby?

 It’s ideal if your baby could be fed and ready for sleep when I arrive, but I fully understand that this may not be possible.  Just do the best you can and we will work with whatever energy your baby gives us.   Your baby may not sleep for the photos and that’s ok!  (especially if your baby is older than 12 days old)  We will do what we can to encourage your baby to sleep (warmth, swaddling, etc) but if it does work out, don’t worry!  Wide-eyes newborn photos are beautiful as well!    


We will photograph your baby swaddled, in a white onesie, and in just a diaper if your baby is warm enough.  If you have any other special blankets or outfits you would like incorporated into the shoot, please let me know.  

What should we wear?

 You and your husband will be in many of the shots, as I feel capturing the bond your share with your new baby is such an important piece of the story we will tell through your images.  Clothing is an essential component of the session. The right clothing truly has the ability to add beautiful depth and to enhance the feeling of the moments captured within your images. For newborn shoots I recommend neutral or soft colors, and please try and avoid logos, stripes and strong graphics.  Dads look great in a simply neutral Henley shirt, and shirts and dresses that flow and feel comfortable on your post-baby body are beautiful for mom.  But don’t worry too much about clothing now.  I will send you my complete styling guide to help!

How does the ordering process work?

 My streamlined, online ordering system will make selecting your images and products straightforward and fun! Within two weeks of your session date, I will send you a proofing gallery of 75+ images.  From this proofing gallery, you will select the images for your collection.  I am also always available for in-home or video ordering sessions

Worried you won’t print your images?

I’ve got you covered.  It is so important to me that you walk away from our time together with something beautiful to hang on the walls of your home, or a stunning keepsake to place on your coffee table.  Accordingly, all Connection Sessions include beautiful prints with additional upgrade options also available to add albums, additional prints and wall art.

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