How To Rebrand Your Photography Business

Jan 12, 2022 | Business Tutorials, Tutorials

Are you having trouble reaching the right clients?  Rebranding your photography business may help!

Why Rebrand Your Photography Business?

You may find rebranding your business to be a necessary step if you have recently raised your prices, altered your service offering and/or you are entering a new market and targeting new clients.  What you have offered in the past and how you have presented your business may not in alignment with where you want to take your business moving forward.  You may find that the only way to effectively reach your new target clients with your new service and pricing model is to rebrand your business.

Rebranding your business can be scary because you often will loose many of the clients that were with you before.  But remember – if you increased your pricing 100%, you will only need 1/2 as many clients to be exactly in the same place you were before.

What Is A Rebrand?

Your is so much more than a logo.  Sure, the logo is an important piece of it, but a brand is an identity.  It’s how you want your clients to feel when they see your work or your marketing materials.

If you are rebranding your business, it is because you feel the core identity of your business has changed.

This change in business identity now requires a change in how you market and present your business to your target audience, and how you interact with your clients through the service experience.

Have a Plan.

When rebranding your business, you will want to  launch forward from your value proposition because this is what makes you unique and this is what sets you apart in a crowded industry.

And with any rebrand, having a solid marketing plan is going to be essential.  You can almost treat this rebrand as a second “grand opening”.

To successfully rebrand your business you will want to:

1.  Select a launch date to count down to. Once you have selected your launch date, plan a series of marketing events that count down to that date going back up to 30 days.   Make sure you are not just marketing on social media.  You will want to reach out to your target clients through all of your marketing channels (website, social media, your community, your newsletter, etc)

2.  Clarify your message. Having a concise and clear statement about your new brand will be essential.   Make sure you shout this loud and clear from all your points of contact with your target clients.  If you are having trouble putting words to your new brand, consider hiring a copywriter to help you clarify your message to your target clients.

3.  Don’t forget the visual elements.  While I started out saying branding is more than your visual brand (logo, products, design elements), these are still an important part of a successful rebrand.  You will want your business to look polished and professional every step of the way.

4.  If you are changing your artistic style along with your pricing/selling strategy, consider styling a shoot that you feel truly showcases your new brand.  This will allow you to get work that is on-brand in front of your clients at the right time.

5.  Get people excited. Let your target clients know why this rebrand is exciting for them.  Is it better products?  A better service experience?  A new style of shooting or editing?  Whatever it may be, hype it up and get people excited.  Let them know why they need your business in their lives.

6.  Rebrand all points of contact with your target clients. Rebranding goes beyond just your website.  Make sure you also rebrand every point of contact you have with your clients from lead response, to gallery delivery or delivery of final products.  This may include adding some new and beautiful welcome, ordering and styling guides – anything that truly showcases your commitment to your clients and what your business value proposition is all about.

7.  Make the official rebrand date interactive and exciting for your target clients.  Host a website scavenger hunt to get people reading through your new brand and offerings.  Host a giveaway or a shooting event.  Go live on social media.   Get excited about your rebrand and your target clients will feel the excitement as well!

8.  Don’t let off the gas after launch day. Keep at it.  Make sure you have formal plan to stay in front of your clients after your official rebrand launch day.  Consistency is key.  It will take time to rebuild your client base, but don’t give up.  Create a formal marketing plan for the next 6 months and hold to it.

Rebanding can be scary, but if you have ended up at this decision point it is likely because you recognize that the way you were doing business was simply not sustainable.  Feel empowered in the calculations and strategic thinking that got you to this point, take a deep breath and go for it!

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