A Beautiful Backyard Wedding

Feb 2, 2016 | Couples and Wedding Photography

This fall I had the honor of photographing my cousin’s beautiful backyard wedding.  Surrounded by colorful gardens, loving family and close friends, two incredible people forever pledged their love to each other.   The day was filled with touching personal details, that truly characterized the couple, the moment and their story.  The bride, a gifted gardener, had spent months cultivating the lush, rich surroundings the couple stood before.  The son of the groom, looking so grown up, nervously and carefully walked the rings down the isle.  The daughter of the bride sang to the couple a touching song that spoke to the depth of their love for each other.  Friends and family surrounded the couple as everyone laughed and danced the night away.  A celebration truly worthy of the love the bride and groom share for each other.  It was an honor to document.

backyard wedding

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