Connection & Soul: Capturing The Moment That Matters | Click Photo School Breakout

Nov 22, 2016 | Info, Uncategorized


I am thrilled to announce that I am currently writing a breakout for Click Photo School called, “Connection & Soul:  Capturing The Moment That Matters.”

In this breakout I will guide to you capturing your most authentic and engaging moments.  We will work through techniques to train your eyes to see the moment that matters in what is unfolding before you.  You will improve your technical competence to effectively and artistically capture those moments, and we will work through processing techniques that will help you fully express your vision.  From location scouting, to client communications, to on-scene client interaction you will gain confidence in using these techniques to create truly powerful and timeless images across all of your work.

Move beyond the expected – capture the feeling, the connection and the soul of today so that it can be aged and savored in your tomorrow.

Join me this February, and Capture The Moment That Matters.

Included in this breakout is:

  • 100 page PDF
  • 20 minute on-location shooting video from 4 different sessions
  • 3 editing videos
  • 3 custom Black & White LR presets



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