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Oct 6, 2017 | Connection & Soul

Capturing The Moment That Matters.

This month the inspiration topic for our Connection & Soul Facebook group was “Reflection.”  September is a time of transition for many of us.  Children are back in school.  The weather is turning.  Many in the group have also now been on their  journey to improve their photography for quite a while now. So, this month we are going to take a step back and reflect.  Participants reflected on where they are in their journey today.  They reflected on their life, their children, our world.

Then they worked to capture these feeling and emotions through a portrait….a self portrait, or a portrait of another.   The goals was simply to build the emotion and feeling of their story into the layers of the image.  The goal of the promo this month was to create something empowering, to create something healing….to simply go where their soul needed to go as they reflected.

I just love the challenge this theme presented, and the beautiful words shared along with the images.

Next month’s theme is “Lines”.

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Below are some of my favorite “Reflection” images that were shared this month!

Diana Hagues Photography

“I keep reflecting on this image this past week. I took it last week on my youngest’ first day at school. To anyone else it’s probably nothing special, but I’m more a documentary photographer so to capture something of our everyday is something that means a lot to me and tells a story of our lives. This scene is a very ordinary everyday moment, but the difference here is my son is stood in his school uniform, which all of a sudden makes him look much bigger than his 4 years of age. (In the UK, we start school in the year children turn 5). I guess the only thing you can tell that he isn’t as big as he is, apart from his height, is how he still needs me to brush his teeth for him. That dependency, his new independence of being at school, our new norm. It’s one that I will be reflecting on for quite some time.”

Sopo Sofia Titvinidze

“The school started 2 weeks ago for her and after she’s done with her official school homework in like 5 minutes, we give her more… much more… a lot more difficult and challenging assignments. She can do them, if she holds her concentration for more than 5 minutes, she can solve each of those problems without any help, but most of the times she’ll loose her focus bzrillion times during that assignment… and she’ll make mistakes… and that will lead to frustration… on all sides… and that frustrates me even more… So lately I’ve been reflecting on our methods… and this photo is a beautiful reminder for me… to appreciate all her efforts, to be more patient, to be grateful, and to enjoy.”

Natalie Overthrow

Katie Golobic

“Our youngest (soon to be middle), just started preschool this fall and I can’t believe how fast the time went. I felt like we just took her home from the hospital. I love her love of painting and drawing – something I hope she never stops doing as she gets older, her imagination is very vivid right now and I’m sure in her head she’s coming up with elaborate stories for her paintings.”

Laura Barr

Kat Henderson

“I’ve been all about reflection lately. Just wanting to push myself to create work that is more meaningful. I want to tell a story. I want to create stills of emotion, not just stills. I plan on using my kids to push me farther beyond what I think I am capable of. I will start with their story and hope I do it justice.”

Diana Hagues

Michelle Tainter-Christmas

“This year has been an incredible journey for us as a couple. There have been “lots” of ups and downs and while I have wanted to throw in the towel many times, I chose to stay and work on what I knew I needed to, (we both have). Not just for him, not just for myself, but for “THE ONE”. The one that created marriage in the first place. For me, love is not just a feeling, but a choice. Even when it’s HARD (and still can be at times) you choose to love in spite of. Because hey, life is hard. Bringing up children is hard. Having a blended family is hard. But LOVE, love is worth it! It is truly a privilege to be a wife and I am grateful I am his 😉

Katya Vilchyk

“These are some scary, exciting times we live in. I have been reflecting lately on motherhood, parenthood and what it all means to me living in these crazy times in this amazing world.

When you become a parent you no longer belong to yourself, you no longer worry about yourself. You yourself, really no longer matter as much as you used to. When you become a parent you automatically stop putting yourself first.

Only a few weeks ago we were at home watching the solar eclipse and as I was clutching to her, feeling my heart race while experiencing this weird nature phenomenon, I couldn’t help thinking how small we are in this huge universe, this vast space we call earth, how small and insignificant we really are, yet how big, bigger than the world she is to me, to my heart.

This week we are on edge with another phenomenon that is engulfing Florida and threatens to come to Atlanta. During these times I keep thinking about her safety and holding onto her and that no matter what, my first instinct is always to keep her close and safe.

So this self-portrait is not only about my love for my bear cub, not only about holding onto her for now while she’s small and innocent and vulnerable, wanting to stop time and savor her babyhood, it’s also about protecting her from the world, keeping her close to me so nothing and no one can ever get to her.

I will always put her first and as long as she invites me in, I will get into the tub with her and let her wash my back and my hair, play with her bath toys squirting water into each other’s faces because nothing in this world is bigger than this love and connection that we share, and I pray that she doesn’t grow up too fast, and that she keeps letting me hold her, that she keeps needing to need me. Because at the end of a day, that is all I live for.”

Krista Staa

“While he sister danced and bounced around she sat quietly.”

Michelle Chamberlin

“”And I said to my body, softly, ‘I want to be your friend.’ It took a long breath, and replied, ‘I have been waiting my whole life for this.'””

Laura Barr

 Jen Bilodeau

….and my own personal reflection can be read here:  A Reflection As My Baby Begins Kindergarten


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