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Feb 18, 2018 | Beyond Portraits

(originally published 2.15.2015)
“Hold on to what makes you feel.  Don’t let go…..that’s what makes you real.”  
– Phillip Phillips

Every now and then the opportunity comes along to experience the extraordinary…..this was one of those times.

The beauty, the thrill, the adventure………and perhaps what was most extraordinary of all was the opportunity to reconnect with a part of myself I sometimes forget is there….

With most days spent deep in the beauty, love and chaos of raising children, it can be easy to forget that this isn’t all that defines me……As parents we sometimes have to gently place parts of ourselves on the shelf……to be left there abandoned for long periods of time….but these colorful and critical parts of who we are not gone.  They are just patiently waiting for the opportunity to arise when the dust can be blown off….and we can feel again with all our heart something critical to the rhythm of our souls.

This was one of those times………




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  1. Julie Moses

    I just love all the color and action in these shots! Perfection!


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