10 Minutes, 1 Pose, 10 Images

Mar 6, 2018 | Photography Tutorials, Tutorials

Sometimes time is a major factor when we shoot. Maybe weather is rolling in, or children are uncooperative, or the skies are getting to dark…..Or maybe you are just trying to steal a few minutes from a larger family session to capture the bond between the mother and one of her children. Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to be able to capture something great in a very short time frame. Here’s a few tips I like to keep in mind when I’m working against the clock.


1. Visualize ahead of time what you plan to capture.



If you are going to be short on time, know what you are going for so you can get there quickly. Have your stating pose already planned out, and visualize the different images you will capture from this one pose. Think about the feeling your are going for, visualize the points of connection….make sure you make the most of this brief time together.


2. Start broad and then work your way in closer.



I like to start with a shot that has lots of sky and scene and then I walk my way in. This gives the mother and child a change to relax into the moment, and by the time I get in close they are usually engaging in a very natural and authentic way.


3. Shoot wide open




With only one scene (and possibly one pose within that scene) there is not a lot to very the images other than your perspective and how you use your camera. By shooting wide open you can render certain elements of the frame out of focus to really help the viewer feel the emotion of the moment in varying ways across the different images.


4. Shoot from above



I love to hold my camera above my client when capturing genuine connection between mothers and their children. This helps to isolate them from their environment, truly putting the focus on the connection between them.


5. Have them tell secrets and stories



Getting your clients to engage with each other is so important. Have mom whisper something silly into her child’s ear to draw out a nice moment of closeness accompanied by laughter. Or sometimes I will say something silly, such as asking mom to smell her child’s hair. Kids think this is hilarious and to the camera it looks as though mom is about to kiss her child’s head.



So it doesn’t take much to capture those genuine moments of connection. All you need is a loving mother and child, a little planning, one pose, and 10 minutes to capture the magic of their connection. :hp









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