Connection & Soul Monthly Inspiration Theme: Window Light

Apr 9, 2018 | Connection & Soul, Uncategorized

The February/March inspiration theme was “Window Light”.  We thought about how you position your subject within this light, we studied the light fall-off, we paid attention to your points of connection. We worked to use this light to truly enhance the moment before us.

The April/May theme is “Details”.

If you haven’t done so already, I would love it if you stopped by the Click & Co Store to purchase your copy of Connection & Soul: Capturing The Moment That Matters, then come join our Facebook group to jump in our monthly inspiration topics and continue your growth.  You can also learn a bit more about the Connection & Soul breakout (learning objectives, what’s included, what people are saving about it, etc) at the bottom of this post!

Below are some of my favorite “Window Light” images that were shared!

Monica Brown

Judd Button

Katya Vilchyk

Katie Golobic

Jenny Rosenbring


Heather Wentz

Michelle Tainter-Christmas

Diana Hagues

Stephany Marie

Annie Villasana




A Little Bit More About Connection & Soul: Capturing The Moment That Matters…………..

Looking to infuse your images with more authentic emotion and genuine connection? Let me be your guide through my Clickin Moms e-book, Connection & Soul: Capturing The Moment That Matters.

Grab it now:…/

In this e-book you will work through techniques to train your eyes to see the moment that matters in what is unfolding before you. You will improve your technical competence to effectively and artistically capture the moment, and you will work through processing techniques that will help you fully express your vision. From location scouting, to client communications to on-scene client interaction you will gain confidence using these techniques to create truly powerful and timeless images across all of your work.

– The jam-packed 120 page PDF covers everything from Revisualization techniques, to how to turn every client into your dream client, how to capture genuine connection and authentic emotion, how to gain confidence with your subjects, as well as technical tips and tricks for capturing the moment that matters and how to edit for emotive imagery.

– The 30 minute on-location shooting video shows you how I capture the moment that matters through 4 outdoor family sessions and one indoor lifestyle family session

– 4 editing videos walk you through how to process for both emotive color and emotive black & white images

– Q&A video

– PLUS! 2 of my custom B&W Lightroom presets

Take your work to the next level, and move beyond the expected and capture the feeling, the connection and the soul before you to artfully preserve the moment that matters.

“This breakout is suited for the photographer who finds passion in capturing connection and soulful imagery. Jen teaches you how to visualize your ideal client and then make that your reality. Her use of light, emotion, and the way she processes her images are all laid out for you in this JAM PACKED e-book. She leaves nothing uncovered and truly pours her heart and soul into teaching you how to look for those connection moments so you can ultimately create emotive imagery. Jen is a true talent and having this piece as a tool will certainly take you to that next level.”


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