The Power Of The HSL Panel: Fixing Horrible Room Color

Jan 6, 2019 | Photography Tutorials, Tutorials


So we’ve all been there……You walk into a client’s home for a session and the color on the walls is just all wrong.  I mean, this color was pretty…..but totally not right for photographs.  It was such a powdery blue and the whole room took on such a cool tone.  However, this was the north facing window and I it was such sunny day, that the south side was tricky (and it was a condo, so there was no east or west side).  So I knew I needed to make it work.

Above is my edit after adjusting the color in Lightroom.  And below is the image SOOC.


Aside from my usual brightening and toning, what truly impacted the edit, and made this room usable for a color edit was the adjustments I made to the HSL panel.  In pulling down the saturation of the blues and greens almost all the way, I was effectively able to turn the blue walls gray without overly disrupting my skin tones.  Watch below to see ?





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