5 Tips For Better Photography Product Sales

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Selling product can feel intimidating, but it is a powerful way to increase your sales, your client satisfaction and your overall market position.  Unsure of where to begin?  Read on for 5 tips to help you achieve better product sales for your photography business.

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Jen Bilodeau Photography Business Coach

1. Have a Sales System

Whatever your sales method is, whether is online, on in-person sales, you have to have a sales system.  You never know how much a client is willing to invest until you sell to them. Do not be passive in your sales strategy.  If you are, you will be leaving money on the table.  

However, we must recognize that selling photography is not a one-size-fits-all approach.  You must build a sales strategy that suits your business model, your value proposition, your target market, AND your personality and lifestyle.  

You can’t dread this piece of the business cycle.  So whatever your approach, whether on-line or in person, make sure it works for YOU. 

Jen Bilodeau Photography Business Coach

2. Simplify The Options

Clients can easily get overwhelmed by all of their choices, which can lead to decision paralysis, so simplifying your options can go a long way. 

In addition, your clients trust you as the expert.  They will look to you for suggestions. Show your clients grouping of images that will hang well together in wall collections.  

So know what your target client wants and values and show and work your collections and offerings around that.  

For example, I live up in New England where the homes tend to have smaller walls, so my clients love collections of medium sized frames they can hang down a small side wall or 3 16×16 canvases.  And a vertical 16×24 frame works great on living room floating shelves.  

However, homes in other parts of the country are newer and have larger walls, and if this is your market, you want to be sure you sell to this!  Think grid walls of 5 10×10 frames prints or a large statement canvas or metal to go above a fireplace.  

So show you clients how to display your work in their homes and make it easy for them to invest in beautiful products. 

Jen Bilodeau Photography Business Coach

3. Show What You Want To Sell

Regardless of your selling model you must still show your clients your products.  

If you sell online, take images of everything you offer and create an ordering guide on your website that showcases what you offer.  If you have a studio or plan to do in-home sales, have samples. Help clients visualize what they can purchase from you. Let clients touch and hold the item so that they no longer fear the size of the print or the investment. 

For example, if your goal is to sell albums, you need to make sure you get samples in front of your clients. Help them understand the difference in quality between the album you sell and what they could order on their own.  

Jen Bilodeau Photography Business Coach

4. Make Buying Product The Default

Make selling product a part of your complete brand.  Your band is a component of two things: your ART and your SERVICE.  Clients should know that working with you means they will walk away from your time together with a beautiful collection of prints or products.  This is not an “ad on” service, this is your default – it is part of your brand, your mission and your value proposition.  

If you offer tiered collections you can start small such as just offering a collection of prints.  A collection of e-surface prints in a beautiful keepsake box still goes a long way with a very low cost of goods, so this can be a  great starter collection if you are feeling competitive price pressure on your entry collection.

Jen Bilodeau Photography Business Coach

5. Have Upgrade Options  

Whatever your sales model, it is critical that you don’t limit your opportunity for profit.  Make sure that you still present upgrade options, to add framing to prints, or to upgrade a single frame into a wall gallery of three or even 6 frames. 

One of my favorite upgrade options is to sell a collection of 2 framed 5×7 prints so it’s easy for my clients to give gifts to grandparents or even for them to display in their office. 


So there you have it!  Selling product can feel intimidating, but when integrated properly with your brand and selling strategy it will not only increase your profit, but it will increase your client’s overall perception of the experience.  And happy clients means repeat and referral business!  


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